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Dry Cleaning

CCLocker.com services your dry cleaning with the utmost care. Each garment is pre-spotted by stain removal experts. Your garments will be perfectly steam pressed by our experienced pressers.

Service* Price
Laundered Shirt $2.50
Deluxe Shirt $2.99
Laundered Shirt Folded $3.99
Dry Cleaned Shirt $4.99
Blouse $4.99+
Pants/Jeans/Shorts $5.99
Dress Slacks $6.49
Blazer/Jacket $7.99+
Polo/Golf Shirt $4.99+
Sweaters $4.99+
Skirts $5.99
Dresses $8.99+
High-End/Special-Attention-Handling Garments Priced Accordingly

*These are base prices. Garments with beads, sequins, silk, etc., that require attention and separate handling may be up-charged.


Wash & Fold

Why do your own laundry when CCLockers can do it for you? Just put your dirty laundry into a locker and CCLockers will sort your clothes into whites and colors, wash them separately, and tumble them dry. We fold all your clothes right out of the dryer and deliver them wrinkle free to a locker.

CCLockers easily handles special preferences like dry on low, hang dry, and detergent requests. Just let us know your special requests and we’ll make sure it happens!

Wash & Fold Price
10 lbs Minimum $3.50/lb