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First-Time Customers

Q: I have never used CindysCleanersLockers before, what do I need to do?
A: It couldn’t be more simple. Please see our how it works page for step by step instructions. I don’t have a locker in my building.

Q: Can I still use your service?
A: There are many ways to use our service. Please visit our locations page to see all of our public locations or you can inquire about our home delivery service.

Q: Where is the nearest CC Lockers location?
A: Most of our locations are located securely inside apartment and office buildings. We also operate 2 retail locations throughout the city. If your building is over 40 units, you can have your property manager contact us about having lockers installed.

Q: How do I place my order using Text Messaging?
A: Simply text your Locker Number to 832-270-9400.

Q: Do you guarantee two day service?
A: We do our best to ensure that your orders get delivered back in a timely manner. However,we also need to ensure that we properly treat the stubborn stains. In most cases,orders are delivered back within two business days, but if one item is held up, we will hold the order until the next day when everything is ready. Items such as sheets, pillowcases, hand washed items and other specialty items often require an extra day of processing and may delay your order. If you need a certain garment back at a certain time and date please let us know by leaving a note with instructions in your laundry bag or text us at 832-270-9400.

Q: I have some special requirements, what do I need to do?
A: Would you like us to use fabric softener, dry your clothes on low, use bleach or provide other special service? No problem, just enter your requirements into your profile and we’ll follow your instructions. We may charge a small fee for some of these services. You can send us an email or a text message if you have a question about a specific request.

Q: I put my laundry in a locker, how do I pay for it?
A: Go online and REGISTER. Then fill out your account and credit card informations. As soon as your orders are delivered your credit card on file will be charged and an email notification will be sent to you.

Q: Is my laundry safe?
A: Absolutely! Remember, only you and the CC Lockers driver have the code to your locker. If someone else wants to pay for your laundry, that is fine, but only the holder of the code can retrieve it. If you like, you can easily give your code to your wife, roommate, etc. and have them pick up your laundry for you.

Q: How do I get a laundry bag?
A: The first time you do laundry with us, your clothes will be returned in your personal laundry bag. This bag is yours to use and keep. Each time we receive laundry in your bag, we will know it’s from you. Please don’t give your laundry bag to someone else or we may mistakenly charge your account. If we notice that your bag is getting worn, we will replace it automatically for you.

Q: I would like CindysCleanersLockers to automatically charge my credit card, but is it safe?
A: Absolutely! CC Lockers has partnered with Pay Pros, the premier online payment processor, for this single reason. When you enter your credit card information, we don’t actually keep your credit card anywhere in our system. We keep a reference to your transaction history. Therefore, we have absolutely no trace of your credit card number anywhere in our system.

Q: It has been a couple of days, where is my order?
A: Our standard turnaround time is two business days for any orders dropped off by 9am. When we pick up your order and when we deliver it back, you will receive an email notification. If you didn’t receive the email, we either did not pick up your order, or we picked it up and did not know it was yours. This usually happens if you forget to place an order or enter the incorrect locker number. Don’t worry! We will have this straightened out in no time and it is a very easy issue to fix. We just need you to call customer service at 832-270-9400 letting us know your name, locker number and contact info so we can get it straightened out and have your order returned back to your locker quickly.

Dry Cleaning

Q: I asked to have my shirts laundered, why was I charged the price for a blouse?
A: We are able to process laundered shirts at lower pricing because there is special machinery designed for processing standard sized button down shirts with cuffs and collars that can press 50-60 shirts per hour. However, shirts with special pleats, decorations or any other non-standard design elements, or shirts that are too small to fit on the shirt machine need to be hand-pressed and a skilled presser can normally press 15-17 shirts/blouses per hour. That’s the difference.

Wash & Fold

Q: Do you have monthly laundry plans?
A: We do not at this time. Please check back later.

Q: Can you hang dry items?
A: With Wash & Fold, unfortunately we do not have the space or time to hang dry items. We can return them wet for you to hang dry at home or we can dry your order on low heat. We suggest you send these items in for dry cleaning and we will clean them according to the manufacturer’s specifications. If the item specifically requires hang drying, we will hang dry them, though there is an extra cost for this and they may require an extra day to service.

Q: If I have a Wash & Fold order that weighs only 5 pounds, and some dry cleaning, will I be charged the 12 lb minimum Wash & Fold charge?
A: Since we wash every customer`s clothes separately, each order is separated into colors and lights to make at least two loads (2 washers & 2 dryers) and handled by our experienced team. Hence the reason for a 10 lb minimum order size. It is fine to send in less than 10 pounds, and we will charge the 10 pound minimum for the order. This is a service that is handled separately from any dry cleaning order, and so we must charge the minimum.

Q: How much does my laundry weigh?
A: Our average order is 15 to 20 pounds. That is about two weeks worth of dirty laundry. A full hamper is about 20 pounds. If it is overflowing, it’s about 30 pounds. If you have a scale at home, you can weigh yourself, then weigh yourself holding your laundry and the difference is the approximate weight.

Q: Why does my Wash and Fold order say 23 items? Isn’t it supposed to be weighed?
A: Yes, Wash and Fold orders are weighed by the pound. In our system, the word “items” equates to pounds. In this case your order would weigh 23 pounds.

Q: I have sensitive skin and use a special detergent, can CC Lockers do my laundry?
A: CC Lockers offers a variety of detergents to choose from. As a registered customer, under the My Laundry Settings (Preferences) section, you can configure your detergent, fabric softener, dryer sheets and other washing preferences. However, we do not allow customers to provide us with their own products. Because we are a delivery service, the transportation of the liquid is too risky to your clothes and the clothes of other customers. If there is a product that you would like us to carry that you don’t see currently available on our website, please send us an email and we will try our best to accommodate you.

Other Questions

Q: Where can I view your terms and conditions?
A: When you register as a new customer we require you to agree to our terms and conditions. You can view our complete Terms and Conditions by clicking here.

Q: How do I change my credit card?
A: If you would like to change your credit card, you can log in to “My Account”. Select the “Credit Card Settings” tab and enter your new credit card information.

Q: What if I am going out of town or cannot pick my laundry up right away?
A: Since we provide quick service, we recommend that you wait to place your clothes in the locker when you know you will be able to pick them up. This way your neighbors and other customers can use the locker while you are away. This helps to keep our prices low.

Q: What if the lockers I use are full?
A: CindysCleanersLockers does our best to monitor locker use to ensure that there are always enough free lockers. If we find that a location is constantly full, we will add more lockers – if the landlord / business owner approves. We apologize for the inconvenience and hope that you use one our other many drop off locations throughout Houston.

Q: What if all my laundry doesn’t fit in a locker?
A: Our lockers are designed to hold one to two weeks worth of dry cleaning. If you can not fit all of your laundry/drycleaning into one locker then feel free to use two lockers.

Q: What happens if an item is damaged or lost?
A: We take every precaution to ensure your items are not damaged or lost. In the rare circumstance that something does happen, we have a very Fair Claims policy. To view all of our Terms and Conditions, click here. In addition, at every one of our check-in stations there are cameras that record everything that comes out of  your bag.

Q: What if I don’t have Internet access?
A: If you don’t have Internet access, you can call 832-270-9400 and we will process your order over the telephone. All we need is your Location, Locker Number, and Credit Card Number. As soon as we receive your payment, and your clothes are cleaned, we will return them to the locker.

Q: I am moving out of town. What should I do with my bags?
A: We’re sorry to see you go. We can’t reuse the bags for other customers, so they are yours to keep. Please make sure you destroy the tags on the bags so that no one else can use your account.

Q: What if I don’t have a credit card?
A: Currently CindysCleanersLockers only accepts payment with Credit Card. Most ATM cards will work as well as long as they have a VISA or MasterCard logo on them.

Q: Can I store my luggage or other items in a CC Lockers locker unit?
A: All CC Lockers lockers are emptied daily. If we find any items that CC Lockers doesn’t service we will store the items for several days and change the code on the unit. If you would like to reclaim your property, please contact us.